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Just reminding you few points..

2008-01-13 15:23:03 by Nightheaven

Let's go straight to the point: recently someone voted 0 to my (and to a friend of mine)songs,probably without listening at least half of them...
Personally I don't feel myself an awesome dj,but I don't think my songs are so bad to recieve a 0...I've heard works more bad on this site.Also I've found songs rated "0",that are better than lots of song upper in the charts of this site...

Well I would like you to know something...

As for myself work,House music is not a universally liked genre...So if you don't like the genre,the vote is useless,it only ruins the desire of the author to express his music!

I think that the vote,in general,is right,honest and accepted from those who share the same passion for the same kind of music; for example I'll never rate an Heavy metal song because i'm not an expert and I'm not fond of Heavy Metal!

Newgrounds users should keep in mind those words,I think they sound reasonable...

This is my point of view,and everyone is free to write his impressions down there

See u soon!



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