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Talkin' about my stile

2008-01-27 13:58:13 by Nightheaven

Well,it's really hard to become well known in this site,but...

These days I had mi first little success with some of my works :-D :-D

Thanks for those who put "Daylight" as favourite,because it represents more than the other songs of mine my real musical influence.

In fact,"Daylight"is a work inspired by Daft punk's Voyager (Discovery - 2001),that is a funky house song that reminds also the style of others great french house deejays as Alan Braxe and Fred Falke (search for a song called "Intro" ;-) )

I'd like to thank all the persons who rated me,I'll work harder to make my songs better and better,even if house music seems not really appreciated in this site...



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