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2008-07-17 14:11:30 by Nightheaven

I don't have lot of time for updating my space here on NG,but since these days one of my songs has reached one more time the first place,I have the need to say...


Talkin' about my stile

2008-01-27 13:58:13 by Nightheaven

Well,it's really hard to become well known in this site,but...

These days I had mi first little success with some of my works :-D :-D

Thanks for those who put "Daylight" as favourite,because it represents more than the other songs of mine my real musical influence.

In fact,"Daylight"is a work inspired by Daft punk's Voyager (Discovery - 2001),that is a funky house song that reminds also the style of others great french house deejays as Alan Braxe and Fred Falke (search for a song called "Intro" ;-) )

I'd like to thank all the persons who rated me,I'll work harder to make my songs better and better,even if house music seems not really appreciated in this site...


Let's go straight to the point: recently someone voted 0 to my (and to a friend of mine)songs,probably without listening at least half of them...
Personally I don't feel myself an awesome dj,but I don't think my songs are so bad to recieve a 0...I've heard works more bad on this site.Also I've found songs rated "0",that are better than lots of song upper in the charts of this site...

Well I would like you to know something...

As for myself work,House music is not a universally liked genre...So if you don't like the genre,the vote is useless,it only ruins the desire of the author to express his music!

I think that the vote,in general,is right,honest and accepted from those who share the same passion for the same kind of music; for example I'll never rate an Heavy metal song because i'm not an expert and I'm not fond of Heavy Metal!

Newgrounds users should keep in mind those words,I think they sound reasonable...

This is my point of view,and everyone is free to write his impressions down there

See u soon!


This is Nightheaven

2007-11-07 19:00:19 by Nightheaven

Hi everybody!

Since I visit this site everyday, I decided to sign up to the Amazing Newgrounds community!

I'm not a Flash artist, but I like to compose some songs,as you will hear when I'll post some songs of mine.

My music it's House music, and sometimes drum 'n' bass; I mean, i don't hear only these kinds of music, but I enjoy a lot the idea of (maybe) see a person dancing with a song of mine, or drinking something in a disco with my music on background!

Now stop talking I could be boring (:-P)

Have a look (or a hear hehe) on my songs, and give your vote, or your comment if you want!

Thanks guys!! See you soon!